Staffing At YWAM Azua

In accordance with “Youth With A Mission” standards, in order to staff at a YWAM base location full time you must have completed a “Discipleship Training School (DTS)” at any of the school locations around the world. We do ask for those seeking to staff full time to have a commitment for at least 2 years.

However, an individual may staff as a volunteer for up to 6 months without having done the DTS. To learn more about DTS please visit our Discipleship Training School page.

Here at YWAM Azua we provide housing, food and some transportation for our staff. As such we have what is called “Staff Fees” which cover the costs of living and go towards the base utilities. The cost of this is $250 USD per month per person. This is the same for those volunteering short term.

Our base has a community living lifestyle; meaning just as you do chores and cook in your family home, here you also contribute. This may be cooking, cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, leading worship or intercession, or any other duty that needs done to maintain our community location and lifestyle. These duties are many and we are happy to discuss your preferences with you should you choose to come.

In addition, all staff are expected to become involved in ministry to some degree. Be it participating in our regular activities or opening and leading us into a new ministry that is on your heart.

There are many responsibilities and roles that go into the functioning of our base. These responsibilities go beyond the shared work duties and ministry activities. The following list are the departments that we have. At times we are simply seeking help within them and at others we are seeking people to run the department.

  • Kitchen
  • Hospitality
  • Maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Media
  • Accounting
  • Schools (DTS)
  • Ministry Outreach (Preferably Spanish speakers)

Meet our Awesome Team

Rodney & Rhodes GephartBase Directors

We strive to create a fun and relaxed environment where everyone feels welcomed, loved and cared for by our Father God, our Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and the staff of YWAM Azua.

Sophia DesrosiersHospitality

I want to see the rejected become included in the family of God by discipling them and showing them the mercy of God.

Yoshira MatosOutreach

My heart is to teach people the truth about who God is and about who they are, so that they can be transformed and bring transformation to others.

Lillyana GephartOffice

My heart ministry is towards missionaries. I seek to help those who God has called into the world so that they can fully focus on their personal calling.

Zanza AquinoWedding Ministry

It is beautiful to see families receive the blessing of God in their marriages, and to see the before and after changes in the families that receive the blessings.


Are considering staffing? Great!

Bellow you will find the staff application page and the page for your references to submit. If you would like to communicate with us before applying that is fine too; go to our contact section and reach out.