Our base does not just independently do ministries, but we also welcome and invite groups and individuals from all over the world to join us.  We facilitate church groups, school groups, men’s teams, women’s teams, youth teams, and DTS outreach teams. For us, a short-term team is a group of people from 3-30 in number who come for anytime between 5 days to 2 months. (If you are independents, we recommend you also visit our Staff Page to consider volunteering.)

Throughout the year our door is open to those seeking to make God known. So, if you are seeking a location to minister and disciple, please continue reading to be informed on what we can do for you, what you can do for us, and more.

Basic Information

Here in YWAM Azua we found that there are many opportunities for ministry. To learn more about our more frequent ministries please visit here.

In general, our location has a heart for reconciliation between Haitians and Dominicans. One of our primary goals is to express Gods love to all peoples and show them though action how to love others. This has led us to do many things:

  • Going to parks and communities for evangelism.
  • Giving out free coffee and prayer.
  • Praying with the traffic Police.
  • Leading worship at Churches
  • Going into the Schools, Hospitals and Prisons.
  • Hosting events like Baptisms, Weddings, Sport camps and Pastor appreciation nights.

Where there is a will there is a way. When Gods will is in action a door will open. Many times, He opens door for us, just so we can then be the door for the child He calling out for.

This said, while we do have regular ministries; what we do with teams is greatly up to the heart of the group. We believe in following Gods will so we will do our best to facilitate what a team feels God is leading them to do.

When going to another country it is important to understand the cultural environment you are stepping into. The Hispaniola Island in easy words holds a warm culture. In more detail, this means that people are very friendly and hospitable, people are very social, and the days are short while the nights are long.

But while Haiti and the Dominican are both warm culture, they also have very different foundations that lead to opposing cultural tendencies. While our location is in the Dominican, we work largely with Haitian communities, so it is important for anybody seeking to come to understand that these two peoples are NOT the same. Should you like to come we will provide a more full orientation of these differences, however here, we wish to explain the larger perspective.

Historically both Haitians and Dominicans have been enemies and for many, this enmity continues to persist. However, in our local community of Azua, we have seen tremendous changes over the last decade. We are privileged to have been apart of Gods movement to change the hearts of his Children.

This said, should you come to YWAM Azua, we also have a sub-culture within our base. We are very multi-cultural. At any given time we find that we have a standard of four languages (Creole, French, Spanish, English) being spoken back and forth between our staff. We also inherently have a more family style lifestyle. We are big on discipleship and the mentality of live/learn. This is due to our parent organization YWAM. We are big, multicultural, Jesus following family.

Our base is positioned on a bluff right on the beach in a sheltered bay. Our main building has two stories with the top being a large patio with an amazing view of the ocean, mountains and other side of the bay. The main building has four rooms, either used to house staff, act as office or for housing people. This building has one three bathrooms; however, one acts as the public bathroom for the whole base.

The second building on base has two rooms (one with a bathroom) and the base kitchen. On the side of this building is the dishwashing and laundry station.

In the past our facilities were underdeveloped and when teams would come all we could offer for sleep arrangements were a few rooms, tents and hammock space. Now however, by Gods grace a new building with two rooms has been built and we have space for 15 bunkbeds per room. This building also has a patio looking out towards the mountains.

The base also has a large pool that is used recreationally and for baptisms. As well as a space to play basketball and a small baseball field. On a lower slope of our property, we have also completed a prayer area with tiered landscaping, a small gazebo, a turtle pond, and several benches and tables (you will also find two giant iguanas who patrol the area throughout the day).

Under development:

We have plans and are in the process of building a dedicated men’s and women’s public bathroom and laundry area.

A large kitchen and indoor dining area.

Dormitories and classroom space.

An amphitheater.

Dedicated parking space.

Work in progress.

This is a message for those who are coming as a group with YWAM; specifically, for those with DTS outreach teams. The reason we have this section is that YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is a global community of missionaries that YWAM Azua is a part of. YWAM Bases often have a direct partnership for exchange of personnel and training facilities.

We fully welcome your team for however long a duration you would like to stay. We can accommodate you for a week or the full 2-3 month of outreach you have. In understanding of the financial situation your team may have, please communicate with us to help make the best of your group situation.

Our base is also equipped to assist with further discipleship should you feel there is a need for it. Such as supplementary topics that you missed during lecture phase. We, have the desire to work with you based on your needs and group calling in the season of making God known.

We will plug your team into the functions of our base. You will have work duties as you do at your home base and we will have you at times lead worship and intercession. The longer your team is with us, the more opportunity for major ministry you will have.


If you would like to apply to bring a team to our location you may click the button bellow. If you would like to speak directly with us in advance to ask more questions or to seek clarification, you can also contact us.

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